What Makes Vape City the Best Texas Smoke Shop and Vape Shop?

Texas smoke shop

If you enjoy vaping or smoking, you understand how critical it is to locate a reputable shop in your area. A quality smoke and vape shop should have everything you need, whether you’re looking for smoking gear like pipes and papers or vaping supplies such as disposable pens or supplies to rebuild the coils on […]

Where to Buy Water Bongs Near Me? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for where to buy water bongs near you? Have other questions? Vape City is your premier source for vaping and smoking accessories in Texas, with over 100 locations in Texas alone and rapidly growing. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions among vapers and smokers. What Is a Water Bong? (And Do […]

Everything You Need To Know About Esco Bar Disposables


In the last few years, disposable vaporizers have become extremely popular due to the flavors they offer and the extreme convenience of being vapes with no maintenance needs. Due to the abundance of options available, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to locate disposable vaporizers that are really excellent vapes. One disposable, EscoBars Vapes, stands out from […]

150+ Locations and Growing but are any of them near you?

We could talk to you about our mission, our goals, and how we desire to bring the convenience of vaping to local towns and metropolitan areas across the United States, but let’s be honest seeing is believing, and when a local 24-hour vape shop location opens up near you that’s when you begin to see […]

New to Vaping? Consider a Starter Kit.

New to vaping? Want to get started but feel overwhelmed by the plethora of tech and hardware options? Fortunately, there is a cost-effective option that can allow you to jump into vaping while getting comfortable with the basics with a vape starter kit. What is a vape starter kit? Simply put, a starter kit is […]

Who is Vape City?

Vape City is on a mission to become the #1 vape shop in the U.S. To do this, we have picked only the most knowledgeable individuals to be a part of our team, so they can provide their expertise to our customers. We also have the best gear, ALWAYS in stock. All of your favorite brands, available […]

Can E-Juice Flavors Help You Quit Smoking?


E-juice brands are constantly coming out with new and enticing flavors to enhance the vaping experience. You could find almost all of your favorite flavors being liquified and bottled for your vaping consumption. Many users even find themselves switching from traditional cigarettes to their vaping devices full time! What is e-juice? And can it help […]

The Growing Popularity of Vaping


The popularity of vaping has been on the rise in recent years. Its reputation in helping people quit smoking has gained admiration from a variety of people trying to quit the tobacco habit. Technological advancements of e-cigarettes, e-juice, and vape mods have transformed the industry as well allowing former smokers to slowly coax off smoking […]

Product Spotlight SMOK G-PRIV 3

vapecity_Product Spotlight SMOK G-PRIV 3

The vape industry is constantly evolving and releasing new technology to improve the vaping experience. Not only has it been a way for former smokers to wean off of traditional cigarettes, but it has become an entire community of vape enthusiasts looking to add to their collection. From vape starter kids to disposable devices, there […]