Product Spotlight SMOK G-PRIV 3

vapecity_Product Spotlight SMOK G-PRIV 3

The vape industry is constantly evolving and releasing new technology to improve the vaping experience. Not only has it been a way for former smokers to wean off of traditional cigarettes, but it has become an entire community of vape enthusiasts looking to add to their collection. From vape starter kids to disposable devices, there are many ways to go about joining the vape community.
We will discuss all of the latest and greatest vape products on the market, and sold here at Vape City. From box mods and disposables to e-juices and coils, we’ve got you covered on all you need to know about popular vape products.
As you may already know, SMOK is one of the biggest name brands in the vape industry. They have a large lineup of high-quality products and devices to choose from. From their starter kits to their vape pens, they always deliver guaranteed customer satisfaction.

For now, we will keep things simple and start with the G-PRIV 3 230W Starter Kit. This starter kit’s main features include a dual 18650 battery layout, fast-firing IQ-G Chip, and paired with TFV16 LITE Sub-Ohm Tank with nexMesh Technology. What does this all mean? The IQ-G Chip is an intelligent chipset that allows for super-fast firing, clocking in at 0.001s to produce clouds on clouds of vapor. The TFV16 Tank can hold up to 5mL of all of your favorite e-juices. Refill the tank by pressing a single locking button to open the single fill port refill system.

The SMOK G-Priv 3 also features a large 2.4″ touchscreen with controls that are futuristic yet user-friendly. Here is where you will be able to set up passcode protection to prevent underage usage, as well as choose your power level. There are four power levels to choose from: Soft, Normal, Hard, and Max. This also includes variable wattage and a temperature control suite to adjust your vaping experience for the greatest cloud creation and unrivaled flavor.

So why choose this product? The G-Priv 3 is very customizable and perfect for anyone at any level of vaping experience. The power range being from 1-230W, it can suit everyone’s comfort level. It also comes in 4 color themes: Black, Prism Gold, Purple Red, and Prism Chrome. Overall, the box mod’s physical appearance is sleek and modern, fitting comfortably in the palm of one’s hand. It seems as if the engineers at SMOK have put in the hard work to fit every vapers need’s in one simple box mod. Next time you’re at Vape City, ask one of our knowledgeable product specialists to bring out this bad boy for you so you can judge it for yourself. We guarantee you will be just as impressed as the rest of our satisfied customers.
SMOK continues to lead the industry to new and improved technology. Do you own any other SMOK products? And if so, what are your favorite features? Here at Vape City, we carry a lineup of SMOK’s best devices, so come by one of our stores today to see what the hype is all about!

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