Where to Buy Water Bongs Near Me? And Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions among vapers and smokers.

What Is a Water Bong? (And Do They Have Other Names?)

A water bong is a special type of smoking pipe that consists of a water-filled chamber with a chimney (or neck) at the top. A bowl and downstem are inserted into the water chamber and filter the smoke through it as the smoker inhales.

Water bongs are also known by a few other names, including simply as bongs and also as water pipes.

There are also a number of different types of bongs, such as beaker bongs, zig-zag bongs (with a curved chimney), and straight tube bongs, among others.

What Is the Purpose of the Water in a Water Bong

The main feature of a water bong is the water reservoir. This feature of water pipes enables them to filter smoke through the chamber before the smoker takes it into his or her mouth, throat and lungs.

There are a few advantages to this. One is that the water helps to filter out some of the tar from the smoke, making it cleaner and smoother.

Another is that the water can substantially cool off the smoke, which is perfect for smokers that look to take smoother hits and don’t like the feeling of cottonmouth or a rough throat hit.

What Is the Difference Between a Water Bong and a Bubbler

A water bong, or a water pipe, is similar to a special type of smoking pipe known as a bubbler.

Think of a bubbler basically as a smaller version of a bong. They are hand-held water pipes and also have a bowl, stem, and water chamber, but often bubblers are made of one piece of glass and do not have removable parts like a bowl or downstem.

Since they are smaller, bubblers are also more discrete and more durable, and easier to take on the go – but like bongs, they can also be used to filter the smoke for a cool, enjoyable experience.

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How Much Does a Water Bong Typically Cost?

Water bongs can be both very affordable and very expensive, depending on the size and complexity of their design.

Simple bong designs are often fairly affordable, but some bongs have complex water chambers and unique cooling chambers built into their necks which make them more difficult to produce and therefore more expensive.

Also, some high-quality bongs are made with colored glass and ornately decorated. Often, these bongs are called “heady glass” and command a premium price because of their artistic value.

Basically, you can spend anywhere from about fifty to several hundred dollars, although there are both more affordable and more premium offerings on the market.

How Durable Are Bongs and Water Pipes?

In general, bongs and water pipes are more fragile than chillums and other hand pipes, because they are larger and usually have removable parts.

This makes bongs somewhat less suitable for travel and on-the-go living than simpler options.

However, quality bongs – like all quality glass pipes – are made with a special grade of glass known as borosilicate glass.

This grade of glass is often used to make water pipes and other smoking pipes because it has a low coefficient of thermal expansion, which means it is better suited to tolerate stresses associated with high heat.

However, borosilicate glass is much tougher than soda-lime glass (used to make most other consumer goods) and resistant to shattering

So, bongs and dab rigs might not be as durable as hand pipes or one-hitters, but they are pretty tough, especially the high quality models you’ll get from a reputable head shop.

How Should You Clean a Water Bong? (And How Often?)

You should clean your bong at least once per week, or as needed when the water and water chamber get cloudy or dirty.

There are specially formulated bong cleaners you can buy, but you can also improvise a cleaning solution, too.

First, remove the bowl and downstem and clean the bong body with warm water. Then, mix together a solution of rubbing alcohol and rock salt, pour that in the water chamber, cover up the openings in the bong, and shake until all the tar and ash deposits have been removed. Then rinse out the bong and allow it to dry.

You can use the same process, and the same mixture, to clean the bowl and downstem, and you can use cotton swabs or an old toothbrush to scrub off tar and ash, if needed.

How Can I Find Where to Buy Water Bongs Near Me?

Wondering where you can find water bongs near you? You’re already in the right place; our online headshop is the place to start!

Just use our store locator and it will show you all of the smoke shop locations where you can find water bongs near you.

If you have any questions at all, get in touch with us at 832-844-1855 or at Info@VapeCity.us.

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