Who is Vape City?

Vape City is on a mission to become the #1 vape shop in the U.S. To do this, we have picked only the most knowledgeable individuals to be a part of our team, so they can provide their expertise to our customers. We also have the best gear, ALWAYS in stock. All of your favorite brands, available in a one-stop-shop. 

So who is Vape City? Why shop with us? Vape City is a vape shop that was established in 2012. Since then, our stores have rapidly expanded to over 100 locations! We carry only the best products that the market has to offer, so our inventory is always up to date. 

Here at Vape City, we value customer satisfaction. To achieve this, as mentioned before, we have chosen knowledgeable individuals to assist our customers with their vaping needs. We believe that by having product knowledge, we can best help our customers find whatever it is that they are looking for. Whichever level of vaping you might be at, we can guarantee you that we will be able to assist you. So bring your questions and concerns, we will have answers!

We also carry products for vapers at any experience level they might be at. From starter kits to the more intricate, customizable mods. We’ve got your back on finding the right products for you. Our inventory consists of the best gear on the market, so you can have peace of mind knowing you are investing your money in quality products! From Smok, Geekvape, Voopoo, and many other popular name brands, all of the vape gear that we carry will always be in stock as well. Why waste time worrying if a vape shop has what you are looking for? Vape City takes the stress out of vape shopping!

Our customers never have to wait until we open up shop to get what they need, we are open 24 hours, 7 days a week at all of our locations. We understand that everyone’s schedules are different, so we want to provide our customers with the convenience of being open 24/7. We currently have over 50 locations across the state of Texas and continue to rapidly open new stores, so this convenience is available to many vapers!

A few selected stores happen to be what we call our ‘hybrid’ stores. What does this mean? Not only are they a vape shop, but they sell smoke products as well. A few smoke products you will find in these hybrid stores are glass pieces, rolling papers, and cigars, as well as hookahs. 

Deciding whether or not to shop with Vape City is a pretty simple decision. We offer the latest and greatest vaping products that the market has to offer, from the biggest name brands in the industry. We are open 24/7 at all 100+ locations and are rapidly expanding our locations so that we can reach all of our loyal customers. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our knowledgeable product specialists, they are always eager to help find what you need! 

Do you call Vape City home? If so, which location do you normally go to? And where would you like to see us open up shop next? With Vape City on the rise, we are sure that you will start to see us more often. And we are eager to assist you!

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